Small Acorn Family

We treasure our family and want them to flourish. We will treat you like family throughout your pregnancy and into parenthood, because with our assistance and the support of all the Small Acorn Family you can and will “Achieve the Best for Baby and You”.

When you complete one of our courses, we get to know you during one of the biggest and momentous points in your life.

We want that whole experience to be the best it can possibly be and because you become part of our family, we can offer you far more support and guidance to help you get there.

Full Ongoing Support

Because anything less is insufficient.

We will not teach you and leave you (unless you want us to)!

We will be available to you, for as long as you require us, the choice is yours and always should be.

You will have access to your teacher via phone, sms and email throughout your journey, to help answer questions, allay your fears or just have chat.

Whilst you have the ongoing support of your teacher, you also have the support of all the other Small Acorn Professionals. In addition to all this, you will have the support from each and every Small Acorn Family member.

Access to Birth and Baby Professionals

We aim to bring birth professionals into the Small Acorn Family and make them available to you.

We have midwives (one of 20+ years experience), Small Acorn Professionals, babywearing and breastfeeding peer supporters and don’t forget our community of experienced parents, breastfeeders, babywearers and all-round amazing mums and dads.

The Village

There is an old African saying that “It takes a village to raise a child”.

Today we live in large communities and even larger towns and cities and we have all but lost the village, the combined wisdom of the small community, passed down for generations, all helping one another to bring up the next generation in harmony.

Unfortunately, today’s society makes this task much harder. If you have chosen to complete a Small Acorn Antenatal Course, there’s a good chance you will want to follow on, using the same evidence based practices and understanding approach into parenting. Your access to the Small Acorn Family does not end once your baby is born, it carries on for as long as you desire.

Our hope is that the Small Acorn family can become part of your modern day village, providing the support, community, encouragement and guidance throughout your parenting journey.


We have a large collection of books that are available for lending.

Whilst our library is not extensive in the typical sense, it is full of the books you will want to read!

Our library contains books all about pregnancy, birth, and parenting, focused around our core beliefs – evidence, compassion and understanding. Helping you to make the best decisions for you, whether it be birth preferences or parenting choices, we’re sure to have some suitable books available for you to lend.

Access to Mummy Mothering Sessions

Our Mummy Mothering sessions are about you, because by supporting you, we help support your baby and your family unit.

At a time when mothers are at their most sensitive, making decisions about how to best care for your baby can seem daunting and confusing. Every newborn comes with their own unique challenges, and finding good support can be tricky.

Using varied skills, we will provide support without judgement and help without unwanted opinions. Ensuring you have relevant information and support to feel confident and secure in the choices you make for your baby as they grow and develop.

These sessions are exclusively available to Small Acorn Family members

Access to the Private Small Acorn Family Faceboook Community

We’re on Facebook, are you?

If so, you will also get access to our private group. Here you gain access to other Small Acorn Family members, be it amazing parents (or soon to be amazing parents) or birth professionals.

Pop on, say hi, have a chat, ask questions and share with us. Post piccies of your little ones (we love to see them!) and anything else that others may benefit from!

And the best thing about being a Small Acorn Family Member is…

It’s FREE!

Once you have booked and paid for a Small Acorn Antenatal Course, you become a Small Acorn Family Member….


No Hidden Costs…

No Recurring fees…

We’re here, for as long as you need us!

“We chose to go with Small Acorn because their course included much more than just learning the Hypnobirthing techniques.”Olivia
“Constant support and empathy to us before, during, and after the sessions has been invaluable for us”Claire

You now know the foundations to our courses and what makes them exeptional.

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