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All Positive Birth groups for Croydon are FREE to attend and run on the 1st Friday of every month
1:30pm – 2:30pm

Croydon University Hospital

Croydon University Hospital
(Parent Craft room located in the Antenatal Department)
530 London Road

The Positive Birth Movement Croydon is run by Bev, who believes every woman deserves a great birth.

Following her own positive birth – Bev’s son was born in April 2014 – she feels strongly that her positive experience came about because of her knowledge, choices and understanding of pregnancy and birth. Coupling this with the amazing support, help and guidance she received from her partner, caregivers and birth professionals, it’s no wonder she feels all women deserve to feel this positively about their birth. And so the Positive Birth group for Croydon was launched!

The way we experience birth – physically and emotionally – is of utmost importance. It impacts mothers, fathers, babies, caregivers, families and society. Not least because a woman’s experience of birth impacts her life as a woman, mother, and partner.

We believe women can birth with positivity in hospital or at home, with or without medical intervention. She can have a positive caesarean, or a positive home water birth. Positive Birth is about approaching birth realistically, having genuine choice and having your choices respected, feeling in control and enriched by the experience.

It is our ethos that the Positive Birth Movement Croydon group will help change birth for the better by…

  • Challenging the culture of negativity and fear that exists around birth
  • Sharing positive birth experiences
  • Sharing information about choices and rights in childbirth
  • Encouraging women to raise their expectations of childbirth

Our discussion groups are run once a month in Croydon, are FREE to attend and open to anyone willing to discuss positive birth and what this means to them. We welcome all women to share, discuss, support and encourage each other, so we can all make informed choices about the way we give birth.

As a group we work together to create a kind, respectful and non­ judgemental atmosphere and we also agree to respect the confidentiality of those who wish to share personal information.

If you’re pregnant, living in or around Croydon and looking to transition into an environment that speaks positively about birth, is supportive of your choices and helps you so you can prepare for a positive birth experience for you and your baby, then this group is for you!

If you have already experienced your own positive birth and would like to share it with the Positive Birth Movement Croydon – either in person or in writing – we would love to hear from you too!

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