• “I would highly recommend Bev and Small Acorn without any reservation”
  • “After seeing how calm and relaxed my wife was throughout labour, I would really recommend the course to other couples”
  • “For me, birth was such a pleasant experience that I can’t wait to do it again and that is thanks to Small Acorn”
  • “I would recommend Bev and her sessions for anyone wanting to take control of their birth”
  • “We chose to go with Small Acorn because their course included much more than just learning the Hypnobirthing techniques.”
  • “Small Acorn is a true gem”
  • “We had our baby… after successfully learning hypnobirthing with Small Acorn and we can’t rate them highly enough”
  • “The course covered far more than both of us had expected.”
  • “It was really nice to be able to ask [Bev] questions about her experience as well as seeing first hand that she practices what she preaches”
  • “The biggest thing I got out of the sessions was that there was choice during birthing (for example, we changed our plan completely from hospital to home water birth) and you gave us the confidence to ask questions to professionals.”
  • “I was very sceptical… I thought it might have been a load of nonsense!… After our first session I had completely changed my mind…”
  • “It has all been a truly wonderful experience that we will continually value.”
  • “Small acorn went further than teaching us to hypnobirth, they provided information on breastfeeding, baby language and tips for surviving the 1st weeks of having a newborn”
  • “Bev was really easy to talk to and no question was ever ‘too silly’. She has lots of knowledge and experiences to share..”
  • “I liked how relaxed and natural everything felt. It didn’t feel like I was learning anything that was weird or uncomfortable, it was like being given great information by a friend that we could trust, who wasn’t going to judge us in any way.”
  • “My husband found it very beneficial as it taught him tools to use to be a brilliant birth partner and made him feel like he had a role other than just squeezing my hand and mopping my brow”
  • “constant support and empathy to us before, during and after the Hypnobirthing sessions has been invaluable for us”
  • “We loved the parent pack. It was incredibly helpful.”
  • “I learnt a huge amount about labour and birth over the four sessions and by the end of the course felt much more prepared to support my wife through it”
  • “If you are considering hypnobirthing then you will be in very good hands with Small Acorn”
  • “The sessions were really informative. I cant think of anything else that could’ve been covered.”
  • “As soon as I opened the door to Bev, I knew I’d made the right choice. She is so down to earth, friendly and professional.”
  • It was amazing how much time [we had to] talk about everything. Not a single point felt rushed or left behind.
  • “The [Small Acorn Parent Pack] you are given is well put together and is a fantastic resource”

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