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Raising Standards

Parents both new and existing deserve better, deserve honesty and transparency, without heresy and outdated, erroneous advice. They deserve to be helped and have “everything” explained and should be given all the information and then supported in their decision.

We base everything we do upon evidence and well proven techniques, without the judgement and opinions that can make the transition into parenthood so very tough.

Unrivalled Support

Because support is paramount, you become a member of the Small Acorn Family.

In addition to direct support, you gain access to an entire community of birth professionals, peer supporters and experienced parents.

This will be available to you, for as long as you require us, the choice is yours and always should be.

For Your Whole Journey

Your journey is more than just your pregnancy and your birth, because that is just the beginning!

At Small Acorn we can provide you with a complete package from the beginning of your pregnancy through to parenthood.

From Aquanatal Yoga to Mummy Mothering, our Small Acorn Family meet-ups or just knowing that if you need us, we are always available.

When our Fun Fact Friday (FFF) Series reached its 100th week we started making them into videos!

Check out our most recent Fun Fact Friday video below ~

A Personal Message

Firstly, thank you for visiting Small Acorn and congratulations on your pregnancy!

We believe we can make a difference to every client we teach, from the simple and straight forward, to a complete overhaul. At Small Acorn we do not shy away from some subjects and have walked the walk ourselves.

We are proud to say we entered pregnancy with one head on and transformed into completely different parents and people, once we found the tools and the knowledge that we are so eager to share with you.

We pride ourselves on helping you to achieve the best for baby and you, in any circumstance and in any situation, regardless of the type of birth, with or without intervention, at home or in hospital.

The best birth for you, is the birth you have. Every parents "best" is different and highly subjective, so long as you can reflect fondly upon your birth, the method in which you achieved the best is irrelevant.

There are no guarantees in birth, but we can guarantee a better birth.

You can make a difference, we can help you make that difference, and in doing so, help you to "Achieve the Best for Baby and You".

Bev & Jamie
(Small Acorn Founders)

"Birth was such a pleasant experience that I can't wait to do it again and that is thanks to Small Acorn" Elly P
"Small Acorn is a true gem" Shea

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