Frequently Asked Questions

No, it’s not Hippy Bulls**t

Depending how sceptical you are, you could:

  • Read our blog post Hypnobirthing: Not Hippy Bulls**t
  • Look through our website
  • Drop us an email (link at bottom of page)
  • Arrange a phone call or if you’re local, arrange a chat over a coffee
We are based in South London and cover many parts of London, Surrey and Kent.

However, we will do our best to accommodate you wherever you may be. We can offer some of our courses via video conference, however tariffs may differ. Please email us if this is something you require.

We generally recommend couples start a course any time form the 20th week of pregnancy. The earlier you start, the longer you have to practice all the aspects of Hypnobirthing.

However, it’s never too late. We will try our best to accommodate Mums that come to us late in their pregnancy, if you’re committed to practicing as much as possible we’re committed to helping “Achieve the Best for Baby and You”.


Hypnobirthing works best when the Mother is comfortable in her surroundings. Whether birthing in a hospital is the Mothers first choice of environment or not.

It’s never too late!

We will try our best to accommodate Mums that come to us late in their pregnancy, if you’re committed to practicing as much as possible we’re committed to helping achieve the best for baby and you.

You can!


You won’t learn everything else we teach and incorporate into our amazing courses…


You won’t get a fear release program tailored to you…


You won’t get access to a midwife with over 20 years experience…


You won’t receive support for as long as you want from birth professionals and the rest of the Small Acorn Family.

As teachers we are continuously learning about the latest advice and techniques related to all things pregnancy birth and babies. Our classes cover a full fear release, access to a long serving midwife, we provide support and guidance in writing your birth “plan” and talk about what to expect from your local hospital.


Although we find a majority of Fathers want to be involved in the birth we do understand that sometimes this is not an option. The tools we provide you with will work with whoever you choose to be your birth partner and advocate.

Of course!

We are more than happy to teach mum and 2 birth partners! We will always try to accommodate this, however, please check that this is suitable for your chosen course prior to booking

We would love to be able to answer every question here, but unfortunately that’s not always possible. Please feel free to email us at or have a chat (email us and we’ll arrange a suitable time)

Hypnobirthing Myths

The term ‘natural birth’ is overly used and often indicates a vaginal birth without any form of intervention… NOT TRUE! All birth is natural regardless of context.

What Hypnobirthing with Small Acorn does is stack the odds in your favour.

The thing we do guarantee is “A Better Birth”, because by completing one of courses you will be prepared, knowledgeable, and confident in your choices, whatever circumstances you encounter and regardless of how your baby chooses to enter into this world.

As proof, Hypnobirthing has been successfully used by Mothers in all kinds of birth scenarios and clients of ours have successfully Hypnobirthed through induction.

Actually it’s the complete opposite, with Small Acorn we will help you take complete control in any circumstance. You cannot be compelled to do anything against your will, and you will always be aware of yourself and your surroundings. Yes, the mind is an amazing tool, but it also complex and has the ability to ‘get in the way’ of the birthing process.

The self hypnosis you will learn with Hypnobirthing provides you with the ability to quieten those pesky parts of your mind and imagination. This calmness will benefit you and your baby, not only during your birth, but also during your pregnancy and in the weeks and months after your baby has been born.


You do not have to be hypnotised to give birth. Everyone on a daily basis goes in and out of a natural state of hypnosis, allowing your body to function without using your conscious mind. For example while walking, opening doors or brushing our teeth, our bodies know how to do these things and so we can allow our conscious mind to wander, thinking about what to have for dinner tonight or that we have to make a phone call later.

Giving birth is a skill our body can carry out already, we just need to hone in on our natural state of hypnosis, allowing our mind to work with our body in labour.

Hypnobirthing is for any birth and will benefit you in any circumstance, regardless of the environment.
You will not divulge any information you do not want others to know. However, the more honest and open you are the better we will be able to help you. We will talk through all your hopes and worries regarding pregnancy, birth and parenthood and will train your birth partner to protect you and your space during the entire process.
That is most certainly not the case with a Small Acorn course. We believe Hypnobirthing is only the start, integral to our courses is “Fourth Trimester” (see here for more info) education, so you are fully prepared for the transition from pregnancy into parenthood. The unrivalled support you receive as a Small Acorn Family Member, ensures you are never without support and guidance throughout your journey.

There are many things Hypnobirthing teaches that carry on after birth. The preparation during pregnancy helps to connect you and your birth partner, teaching them to support you and you to trust them. It also provides you with tools to manage and navigate through stressful situations with calm and ease. The time taken to bond with your baby will be even more rewarding once they are born and you’ll be able to take your skills onward into parenthood.

Unfortunately, there are no guarantees that your birth will be pain free. Why? Because pain is a highly subjective experience that varies immensely from one person to another and is also impacted by culture, temperament and situation.

One persons pain is another persons ache!

A lot of Hypnobirthing Mothers do not describe birth as painful, but more as a pressure, a force of nature, an overwhelming urge, all of which are completely natural and normal sensations.

What is true is that Hypnobirthing mums refer to birthing in comfort, not silence or sensation free, but comfort. Hypnobirthing can drastically improve your chances of a relaxed, stress free, gentle and therefore pain-free labour and birth. There are no rules as to how you will feel, and no one can be sure which category you will fall into. We can, however, guarantee you will have a better, calmer birth having completed one of our amazing courses, than you would have without.

You can Hypnobirth regardless, staying calm is the most important thing, with or without pain relief (See myth above). The aim is to stay calm and allow your body and subconscious mind do what it already knows. As proof we have had clients Hypnobirth through induction.
In the past people pitted Hypnobirthers against medical professionals. This is not the case and it is not about “us vs them”. What we do is ensure that you can communicate with your care team to make certain you feel reassured and in control throughout you time with them and that you are confident in dealing with any situation presented to you.
Hypnobirthing is for anybody willing to put in the time and effort to practice.
As you can probably tell (if you’ve read everything above and here), that’s nonsense!