#motivateamother “Don’t Limit Your Challenges, Challenge Your Limits” ~ At school sports day I was always first in line for the 100 meter sprint. I wasn’t good at running much further than that. Mainly because of my slightly out of proportion legs, coupled with the fact that I would get out of breath when I ran, meant I wasn’t built for long distance running. This was a story I told myself for years. I replayed it so many times that it became a part of me, my beliefs about myself created a limit for what I was capable of. That was, until I was introduced to a schedule that started small and built up to longer distances. I was excited by the idea that in the space of a couple of months I could go from running only 100 meters at a time, to running 5km in 30 minutes. Of course it took me much, much longer than a couple of months, and I was coming in 8 minutes over my 30 minute deadline, but I eventually ran my first 5k without stopping During this process I realised that my limits for running came only from the story I was telling myself, and my lack of challenging this limit. What you are capable of will depend on your internal story, which will create your beliefs and your limits. You’ll never reach your potential if you limit your challenges, so challenge your limits, and see just what you are capable of! #smallacorn

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