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Infant Sleeplab

This app is full of up-to-date research evidence about biologically normal sleep for babies. It is project of the Durham University Parent-Infant Sleep Lab, one of only two places in the world that researches this field.

There’s lots of information on; how babies sleep, where babies sleep, sleep health & safety, co-sleeping etc. All of it backed up by research and a proficient understanding of human sleep and anthropology.

If you really want to understand the realities of normal infant sleep without the ignorant and misguided advice that all parents are bombarded with, then this is a must have app!

Dunstan Baby Ears

The app for Dunstan Baby Language. We have covered this in more detail in this post. This is great practice in helping to tune your ears, we found ourselves quizzing each other when hearing cries, even before we were parents!

Dunstan Baby Ears

The Wonder Weeks

The Wonder Weeks

Awesome app to accompany an awesome book (see above). We loved the simplicity of referencing our little ones progress using this app, type in the due date (not birth date) and it will tell you how many days remain until the beginning of the next leap or end of current leap. If you like the book, this will provide a quick look/guide to always have in your pocket.

Feed Finder - Discover Breastfeeding Friendly Places

Feed Finder – Discover Breastfeeding Friendly Places

This app has been made with breastfeeding mothers, to provide an easy and convenient tool to find and share great places to breastfeed and/or change you little one.

This app has had its moments when it has been incredibly useful to me (Bev).

This app is only as good as those using it, become one of them and help make it amazing!

Baby and Child First Aid by British Red Cross

We both have this on our phones, really good to have a quick reference guide.

Their blurb:
Packed with useful videos, easy to follow advice and a test section – it’s absolutely free and simple to download.

Also features a handy device enabling parents to record their child’s medication needs.

Baby and Child First Aid by British Red Cross