Evolutionary Parenting

Full of amazing articles, generally aimed at correcting the misinformation that surrounds parenting.

Our favourite of the bunch.

One of the great articles spurred this post.

ISIS Online
(Infant Sleep Information Source)

This is a must visit website for anyone wanting to understand infant sleep.

Here you can find up-to-date research evidence about biologically normal sleep for babies. It is project of the Durham University Parent-Infant Sleep Lab, one of only two places in the world that researches this field.

You will find lots of information on; how babies sleep, where babies sleep, sleep health & safety, co-sleeping etc. All of it backed up by research and a proficient understanding of human sleep and anthropology.

If you really want to understand the realities of normal infant sleep without the ignorant and misguided advice that all parents are bombarded with, then this is the place to go.

Analytical Armadillo

Founder of (another great site) and again full of insightful articles.

Kelly Mom

Another great site aimed at evidence based parenting. Full of awesome articles and info.

Human Milk

This is a really good resource for breastfeeding, especially the science of it. They have an amazing infographic all about the contents of “human milk”, worth a visit just to see it.

Pinter and Martin

Independent publishers, who have published many books on parenting, many of our favourites, including many of the ones mentioned in the books section.