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Lots of helpful information, personally tried and tested by those at Small Acorn.

Links to great websites, videos, books, apps, organisations, and free downloads.

  • Organisations

    A handful of the most helpful organisations, information about them, including their contact details and a brief summary of why we added them.
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  • Books

    There are tons of books about everything birth, baby and beyond. We haven’t read them all and probably never will. We have read quite a few and have a stack more waiting to be read.
    We compiled a list to share our thoughts on those we have read and those we’re yet to read, hoping to give you a better idea of what’s available.
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  • Websites

    Trying to find information on pregnancy, breastfeeding and parenting can be a hard task. Finding websites that aren’t filled with the usual clap trap, misunderstandings, untruths and plain ignorance, can be labouring (pun intended).We share just a few of our favourites. From publishers to blogs; they are, in general, nonsense free, evidence based, up to date, full of information and just a great resource.
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  • Apps

    No extensive list here! Just a few of the better apps we loved and used.
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  • Videos

    Guess what’s here? Videos!
    There are hypnobirthing videos, for your dose of positive birthing. There are also examples of the breastcrawl, contractions and more…
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  • Downloads

    Links to download helpful resources including:

    • LLL’s Safe Sleep 7 leaflet
    • Nice Guidelines for Intrapartum care
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There’s probably tons we’ve missed, if you think there are items we should know about, we’d love to hear from you, please contact us and let us know.

Hope they help you, as they did for us

Jamie & Bev

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