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“For me, birth was such a pleasant experience that I can’t wait to do it again and that is thanks to Small Acorn”Elly P on Netmums
“I would recommend Bev and her sessions for anyone wanting to take control of their birth”Claire
“After seeing how calm and relaxed my wife was throughout labour, I would really recommend the course to other couples.”Gary R on Netmums

Small Acorn

“Small Acorn is a true gem”Shea
“If you are considering Hypnobirthing then you will be in very good hands with Small Acorn”EP
“I would highly recommend Bev and Small Acorn without any reservation”Claire


“Bev was really easy to talk to and no question was ever ‘too silly’. She has lots of knowledge and experiences to share..”Olivia
Bev has done a fantastic job with Small Acorn. She’s incredibly passionate about hypnobirthing and made us feel like she genuinely cared about us and our birth experience. The support she has given us during pregnancy, and even after birth went above and beyond what we could’ve asked for. Small Acorn is a true gem and there is no doubt that we made the right choice learning about hypnobirthing and beyond with Bev. It has all been a truly wonderful experience that we will continually value.Shea
“It was really nice to be able to ask her questions about her experience as well as seeing first hand that she practices what she preaches”Leah

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We chose to go with Small Acorn because their course included much more than just learning the Hypnobirthing techniques.Olivia on Netmums
“It covered more than we were expecting. We definitely both feel very informed and confident now about the birth and I’m actually quite looking forward to it!”Leah
“I learnt a huge amount about labour and birth over the four sessions and by the end of the course felt much more prepared to support my wife through it”Gary

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Parent Pack

“We loved the parent pack. It was incredibly helpful.”Paul & Shea
“it’s brilliant and specifically tailored to us.”Steve & Leah
The [Parent] pack you are given is well put together and is a fantastic resource.Olivia

Some of Our Clients’
Small Acorns


Lilwen had her 1 year review. The health visitor commented on how secure and content she seemed thoughout the session. I said we had done the fourth trimester stuff and had a gentle approach to parenting. The health visitor said she thinks that it’s a really good approach and more often than not she sees secure children as a result. So I wanted to say thank you to Bev and Small Acorn for introducing us to it. I recommend it wholeheartedly to new parents.


After a few challenges in the early days, Arlo is now a fun and happy boy, who is always making us laugh! Everyone comments on how chilled and smiley he is. We know this has much to do with the parenting style we chose, following on from the techniques and principles we learnt with Small Acorn.


I had a really calm birth and have a lovely calm (most of the time) hypnobaby who is meeting all of his developmental milestones. The techniques I learned have kept me calm and I believe really ease me into motherhood.
Bev at Small Acorn was also a massive support to me in getting breastfeeding established which I found really tough. I couldn’t imagine what my labour and forth trimester would have been like without Bev and Small Acorn in my corner and thankfully I don’t have to!