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Fun Fact Friday – Week 16

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We’re Sugar Lovers in the Womb!

As humans, our innate love of sweet things may well be a survival mechanism that has come back to bite us. Even when in the womb, babies are taking in and using all the information available from the world into which they are about to be born. Eating habits could be formed, both good and bad, whilst still in the womb. Our love of sugar can be traced back to as early as 15 weeks post conception, whilst in the womb.

A study from the early 70s showed an increase in swallowing of the amniotic fluid when the amniotic fluid was sweet and a significant reduction when it was bitter (Liley, 1972). This may indicate that our preference for sugar could be formed far earlier than many assume and your diet whilst pregnant may have an effect on your little bundle of joy’s taste preferences when they are older.

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