Small Acorn’s First Birthday; No Longer “Just a Blog”!

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Happy birthday to us
Happy birthday to us
Happy birthday Small Acorn
Happy birthday to us!
Hip, hip, hooray we’re 1 today!

We are very pleased to be celebrating Small Acorn’s 1st birthday. Passionate to share the information we had about pregnancy, birth and beyond we set about blogging and on this day last year we posted our very first Small Acorn Blog post. A lot has happened since then and what a year it’s been!
So you may have noticed we’ve been away for a while? Everything has been quiet on the blog front for a few months now and there’s been minimal activity on our Facebook page and Twitter account. “So what’s been happening while you were gone?” I hear you ask.
When we started Small Acorn Blog last year it was about informing and helping couples like us, who were making important decisions about parenting but struggling to find unbiased or evidence based information. A few months into blogging (while still on maternity leave), I had the fortunate news that I would be made redundant. Most people would be devastated at such news. However, if anything the last few months had shown us, it was my enthusiasm for all things pregnancy, birth and baby related. So we set about making a plan to expand Small Acorn Blog into a business.
Focussing on our inspiration, Hypnobirthing, we decided it would be a great place to start. At full steam ahead I completed my training, typed up my assessment and received my diploma. I had qualified as a Hypnobirthing teacher! Wow!
Fast forward a couple of months and you’ll find me at an event promoting Hypnobirthing. I was approached by a children’s swimming teacher about the possibility of teaching aquanatal yoga classes (aka yoga, in water, for pregnant women). Quite excited at the prospect, we talked logistics and I set off (again) on a Birthlight aquanatal yoga training course, and gained my qualification to teach classes. Another wow!
With my new found skills and qualifications I was so happy, much happier than I’ve ever been. It’s a rare opportunity to have a job you love and look forward to doing.
So in just a short 12 months, Small Acorn has gone from “just a blog” to a fully fledged business. Offering Hypnobirthing Courses, both private and in small groups, and working with Turtle Tots to bring pregnant women Turtle Tums aquanatal yoga classes!
I am very thankful to have the love and support of my husband. He has been my encourager, my strength and has spent copious hours deliberating business decisions with me. He will continue to blog with me, help grow our Small Acorn and ensure it provides the best for its clients.
We hope this explains our absenteeism and that you’ll join us in celebrating our Small Acorn re-launch. Thanks to everyone who’s been with us this last year, thanks for the support and thanks for sharing.
Please continue to watch this space as we are always looking at ways to improve Small Acorn, with it’s ever growing forest of knowledge. As plans for a Hypnobirthing Outline Workshop get underway, this year is set to be just as good as the last!

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