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Fake Fun Fact Friday

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Welcome to this week’s Fun Fact Friday.

Except it isn’t a Fun Fact Friday…

So, technically, this is a Fake Fun Fact Friday!!

Normally Friday is Fun Fact time at Small Acorn.
What you might not know is there’s more to Small Acorn than our fun facts…

We are Birth Preparation

We are Hypnobirthing

We are Doulaing

We are Aquanatal Yoga

We are Pregnancy Relaxation

We are Baby Wearing

We are Mummy Mothering…

And much, much more!

In short, we’re a full on birth extravaganza!!


Since before 2014 – when Small Acorn was conceived – we’ve wanted to introduce the world to our no BS, uncomplicated, straight forward approach to birth preparation. And, to date, we’ve achieved just that!
We’ve currently worked with, in excess of, a 1000 women, through our various services, and having helped around 100 pregnant couples through our face to face birth prep classes.

We love and highly recommend face to face antenatal education. Yet, having worked with so many women, it is apparent, that for various reasons, that it isn’t always possible.

We believe everyone has the right to decent antenatal information. We’re committed to regular weekly videos and really want to share our knowledge around birth preparation, outside of the confines of our Fun Fact Friday’s and in-person courses.

With that in mind, every so often, Fun Fact Friday will make way for us to share Small Acorn’s version of birth preparation.
We hope our quirky way of teaching is a refreshing approach to all thing birthy.

Here’s a taste of the things we want to share with you…

  • Breastfeeding Men
  • What to do if birth doesn’t go your way
  • Why some women birth in pain and others do not
  • Why Hypnobirthing is for life – not just for Christmas!
  • Why having a Doula isn’t trendy
  • How interventions can be a help and a hinderance
  • Why sometimes, shit just happens!
  • Why dads are the key to successful breastfeeding
  • What to do when she says she doesn’t want an epidural and then changes her mind in labour!
  • How to exercise your rights in birth
  • Why being mentally prepared for birth is sometimes more important than being physically ready
  • How to be an effective birth partner

As always, we love to hear from you and know what you’d like us to cover in future videos. So, please like, comment and share and if you’re on YouTube – SUBSCRIBE!

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