small acorn photo of a tiny baby for fun fact friday week 21 - The Earliest Premature Baby survived at 21 weeks!

The Earliest Premature Baby survived at 21 weeks! – Fun Fact Friday – Week 21

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The Earliest Premature Baby survived at 21 weeks!

If we had conceived a child 21 weeks ago (when we started with our first Fun Fact Friday), the very last thing on our minds, having only just passed halfway into the average full term birth, would be going into labour. And yet, this extraordinary situation is precisely the one Brenda and Jim Gill would end up finding themselves thrown into one May morning in Ottowa.

Weighing in at only 624g (1lb. 6oz) at birth, James Elgin Gill was born on the 20th May 1987 to Brenda and Jim, only 21 weeks into their pregnancy. He stunned and shocked those involved – fighting and surviving against the greatest of odds. He currently holds a place in the Guinness Book of World Records as the world’s most premature baby.

Any child born before 37 weeks into pregnancy is classed as premature or preterm (fullterm being 37 – 42 weeks), and the cause of preterm delivery is often unknown. There are many things that can cause preterm deliveries: Health conditions, (gestational diabetes, hypertension, kidney or heart problems, infections or abnormal placenta positioning), lifestyle choices (poor nutrition, smoking, drug use and alcohol consumption), structural abnormalities or overstretching of the uterus (due to multiple pregnancy i.e. twins or triplets).

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