Fun Fact Friday – Week 6

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Newborn Babies Don’t Cry Tears!


There are a number of false facts doing the rounds on social media and the web in general. Some scream BS. Others, such as today’s, seem plausible; but fall short with a bit of probing. As part of Fun Fact Friday’s at Small Acorn we’ll try and weed those out from the real ones and every once in a while, sneak ’em in instead.


Most Newborn Babies Do Have Tears While Crying!


Newborns don’t cry tears has been proven to be false by some recent studies that show the complete opposite; that full term newborn babies do have tears when crying.

The amount of tears a newborn produces is far less than those of an adult and can be difficult to see the tears rolling from their eyes.

Tear production in most newborn babies will increase as they grow, until they reach adult levels when they are 1-2 months old. Even premature babies make tears, but in much lower quantities than a full term baby.

If a newborn has red, dry or irritated eye(s) then it could be a symptom of an infection or inadequate tear production and medical attention should be sought.