99 Banned Baby Names That May Surprise You!

99 Banned Baby Names That May Surprise You!

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It’s the penultimate Fun Fact Friday! We reach the lofty mark of 100 Fun Fact Fridays next week!

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This week we thought we’d mark our 99th Fun Fact with a collection of 99 baby names that were rejected in their respective countries. The rules vary in each country, for instance…

China doesn’t allow symbols or numerals to be included and new babies are basically required to be named based on the ability of a computer scanner to read the name on their national identification card.

In Germany, you must be able to tell the gender of the child by its name.

Sweden enacted the Naming law in 1982 to prevent non-noble families from naming their children with noble names – the law has subsequently been amended.

Denmark has a pre-approved list of 7000 names and special approval is required for anything else.

Iceland founded the naming committee in 1991 to decide whether a new name is acceptable and you must pay a fee for them to decide. The name must only contain letters that are in the Icelandic alphabet (they have no C, Q or W and Z is no longer used) and must be gender specific.

Portugal has an 82-page list that denotes acceptable names, they must be traditionally Portuguese, gender-specific and full, meaning no nicknames.

Saudia Arabia probably has one of the strictest baby naming laws and updated the banned list to include names that go against the country’s religion and traditions, and are “inappropriate or too foreign”!

In Norway, you are not allowed to have a first name that is traditionally a last or middle name. BONUS FACT – If you want to change your last name to a surname that less than 200 people have in Norway, you need to gain permission from every person with that name!

In Malaysia it’s illegal to name your child after an animal, a fruit or a vegetable.

New Zealand
publishes its list of banned names and the number of times they’ve rejected them.

In the UK it cannot have numbers or symbols and must be pronounceable. There is a limit of 150 characters and must include a forename and surname! There are relatively few banned names!

Here goes the list of 99 banned baby names with their respective countries:

    image of a baby monkey

  1. Monkey, Denmark
  2. 2nd, New Zealand
  3. Spinach, Australia
  4. * (star symbol), New Zealand
  5. Mini Cooper, France
  6. Rogue, UK
  7. Blank Space, Australia
  8. Superman, Sweden
  9. iMac, Australia
  10. nutella on a knife

  11. Nutella, France
  12. Major, New Zealand – rejected 10 times
  13. William,  Iceland – there’s no W in Icelandic
  14. Anus, Denmark
  15. Woodstock, Germany
  16. Veranda, Sweden
  17. Rambo, Mexico
  18. MJ, New Zealand
  19. Duncan, Iceland – there’s no C in Icelandic
  20. Messiah, New Zealand – rejected 13 times
  21. ROFL

  22. #ROFL, Australia
  23. Allah Akbar, Sweden
  24. Q, Sweden
  25. Seaman, Australia
  26. Alice, Saudia Arabia
  27. Majesty, USA
  28. LOL, Australia
  29. 5th, New Zealand
  30. Pilzner, Sweden
  31. Knight, New Zealand – rejected 9 times
  32. Lego Batman

  33. Batman, Australia
  34. Traffic, Mexico
  35. Rihanna, Portugal
  36. Harriet, Iceland – can’t be conjugated in Icelandic
  37. Tom, Portugal
  38. Facebook, Mexico
  39. Elvis, Sweden
  40. Elaine, Saudia Arabia
  41. Stompie, Germany
  42. Hitler, Australia
  43. Image of a bridge

  44. Bridge (Gesher), Norway
  45. Hermione, Mexico
  46. Osama Bin Laden, Germany
  47. Burger King, Mexico
  48. Nirvana, Portugal
  49. Friday (Vernidi), Italy
  50. Apple, Malaysia
  51. Hunchback (Khio Khoo), Malaysia
  52. Sarah, Morocco
  53. Quintin,  Iceland – there’s no Q in Icelandic
  54. image of a cinderella lookalike

  55. Cinderella Beauty Blossom, New Zealand
  56. K8lyn, Sweden
  57. Benjamin, Saudia Arabia
  58. Metallica, Sweden
  59. Circumcision, Australia
  60. Peniskin, Sweden
  61. Linda, Saudia Arabia
  62. Stallion, New Zealand
  63. Matti, Germany – deemed a gender neutral name
  64. Fat Boy, New Zealand
  65. Pretend James Bond

  66. James Bond, Mexico
  67. Justice, New Zealand – Topped the leaderboard with 77 rejections
  68. Pluto, Denmark
  69. Virgin, Australia
  70. Lucifer, Germany and New Zealand – rejected 7 times
  71. Christmas Day, Mexico
  72. J, New Zealand – rejected 6 times
  73. Snort, Australia
  74. Christ, New Zealand – rejected 3 times
  75. Robocop, Mexico
  76. strawberry and a half

  77. Strawberry (Fraise), France and Malaysia
  78. Viking, Portugal
  79. Sandy, Saudia Arabia
  80. Mr, New Zealand – rejected twice
  81. Queen, USA
  82. H-Q, New Zealand
  83. Mafia No Fear, New Zealand
  84. Roman numerals III, New Zealand
  85. Scrotum, Australia
  86. Royal-Rule, New Zealand
  87. image of a banana with a grey background

  88. Banana, Malaysia
  89. Jimmy, Portugal
  90. Severe, New Zealand
  91. Prince William, France
  92. V8, New Zealand
  93. image of a model holding an @

  94. @, China – in Chinese @ is pronounced “ai-ta” similar to a phrase that means “love him”
  95. Zoe, Iceland – Z is no longer used in Icelandic
  96. 4real, New Zealand
  97. Dickhead, Australia
  98. Cyanide, UK
  99. ikea

  100. Ikea, Sweden
  101. Keenan Got Lucky, New Zealand
  102. PieandSauce, Australia
  103. Brfxxccxxmnpcccclllmmnprxvclmnckssqlbb11116 (pronounced Albin), Sweden – submitted in protest to the naming law, when this was rejected they submitted the name – A, also pronounced Albin!
  104. Anal, New Zealand
  105. fish-and-chips

  106. Fish and Chips, New Zealand – for twins (although they did approve Benson and Hedges!)
  107. Insane (For Chai), Malaysia
  108. Sex Fruit, New Zealand
  109. Smelly Head (Chow Tow), Malaysia
  110. Talula Does The Hula From Hawaii, New Zealand

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