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Pregnant Women and New Mothers Can Lactate at the Sound of a Baby Crying, Even If It’s Not Their Baby!

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As odd as it may sound, it’s common for new mothers to lactate at the sound of a baby crying. It can happen at just the thought of your new baby, their name being said, talking about them and anything else that may trigger you to release our favourite hormone, Oxytocin. Oxytocin helps you bond with your little one, but can turn new mothers mammaries into unpredictable fountains!

During the first weeks as a new mother, your ‘let down’ reflex is becoming attuned to your baby and the sensations of your baby nursing. Until your reflexes have attuned to that particular sensation, there is a chance that any release of oxytocin could cause the milk making lobes within your breasts to contract and eject milk towards the nipple. This will result in either a sated baby, a leak or even a fountain like spray!

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