Iceland’s First Baby of 1980 Gave Birth to the First Baby of 2017!

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On the 1st of January, at 3 minutes past midnight, Katrín Guðjónsdóttir gave birth to Iceland’s first baby of 2017. He was born at Selfoss Hospital, Southwest Iceland on his mother’s birthday.

The thing that makes his birth even more special, other than sharing his birthday with his mother, is that they are both the first babies born in their respective years – you see, Katrín was the first baby born in 1980.

Whilst talking to the BBC she said “We joked about it yesterday that he may be the first baby of the year, but never believed this could happen, it would be too surreal.”

Whilst sharing your birthday with your child is rare, it does happen (Bonus fact – my mum and brother share the same birthday). What is even rarer is to share your birthday with three of your children, like Martin Brown does, on the 13th October! According to an interview he had here he calculated the astronomical odds to be a 1 in 48,475,179!

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